Whether you’re just getting started or your business is expanding, you have routes to cover and you need a fleet of trucks. But purchasing a new garbage truck can put a major strain on your cash flow. And the world of financing can sometime be a scary place… thankfully Big Truck Rental is here to help clear the way. Our Rent To Own plans help you avoid those new truck purchase pitfalls, and Big Truck Rental finds a way to get you that truck. With no down payment required and immediate delivery…you’ll be out there with a new truck collecting the trash in a flash.

And while you’re renting, you’re creating more credit and building equity in your truck every month… giving you a faster path to ownership. Big Truck Rental pays for Licensing and D.O.T. Inspections as part of our Rent To Own process, which makes getting new equipment even more affordable. And our rental plans are flexible so you can maximize profits and grow your business. If there’s a sudden change in plans, and you don’t need to rent a truck anymore, Rent-to-Own provides you with a do-over… you can return a truck without receiving a penalty.

The trucks you rent will never be older than 18 months and are covered by a manufacturer warranty. So most repair and maintenance costs are taken care of… all you provide is a driver and fuel. And if a truck does ever happen to fail, our super dealer support team is ready to save the day. So instead of scrambling because of a sidelined truck, you’re out there collecting the trash. When you need a truck and want to avoid large outlays of cash, or want to start building equity with your fleet… count on a personalized Rent-to-Own plan from Big Truck Rental. You can bank on it.