Municipal Plans

From the biggest of cities to the smallest of towns, more municipalities are coming to rely on Big Truck Rental because we understand your unique needs and provide specific rental solutions that are tailored to government agencies. We help remove the roadblocks that can often burden a municipality…increasing maintenance costs, aging trucks in your fleet breaking down, keeping back-up trucks in inventory, higher operating costs, and those ever-tightening capital budgets. All while the mission remains the same. You need to provide your residents with first-rate garbage collection service while staying within an allocated budget.

Renting enables municipalities to quickly start a new collection contract in-house, add a new pick-up route, or test out a new process like single-stream recycling, without the typical upfront investment of time and money. Plus you can eliminate the budget drainer of keeping 10 percent of your fleet sitting around as back-ups… so you can use those dollars elsewhere for other needs. Just in case there’s ever a breakdown, Big Truck Rental has you covered. So you won’t need to worry anymore about a sidelined truck, instead you’re always out there collecting the trash.

Renting garbage trucks helps you properly manage emergency situations, seasonal demands or other sudden surprises when time is of the essence and expansion of service may be temporary. Big Truck Rental will respond immediately with the additional trucks you may need, and keep those citizens happy. And when you don’t need to rent the truck anymore, just turn it in…eliminating the hassles of storing or disposing of old trucks in your fleet.

Renting provides all the advantages of buying new equipment backed by full warranties, but without the major capital expenditures. Be the budgeting hero, even in an unpredictable economy, and show that great power comes from great fiscal responsibility. Contact us to learn more about our 13 Month Municipal Plans and other flexible rental schedules.